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The Senior draft has taken place.

Registrations for Senior TVSL 2017 are currently open for the last couple of places

Registrations for Juniors 2017 are currently closed as we are now full



Deadshot win the Junior league 3rd July and Deadshot win the playoffs 16th July too.

Black Panther win their Youth league 16th July. The playoffs ended in a draw.

Beast win the Senior league 9th July. Weekend 23rd/24th July Beast win the TVSL Cup.

2016 Juniors - DEADSHOT (White) win both the League and the Playoffs


2016 Seniors - BEAST (Blue) win both the League and the Playoffs



TVSL is a non-hitting ice hockey tournament run from Bracknell ice rink.
It is "Rec" (recreational) ice hockey and caters for players of varying standards.
Everyone enters as an individual and the league allocates them to teams. Its a chance to meet new players, make new friends and play hockey with a new outlook.
It takes place over a couple of weekends in May and all of June and July up until the end of the school term.


Players and parents are reminded that they agree to the following

"I understand and accept that the neither the Thames Valley Summer League nor its organisers will take any responsibility or liability for any injury, loss or damage incurred as a result of events happening within the competition."