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TVSL 2015 Seniors has finshed

Galaxy (Lt Blue) win the League but Rebels (Red) win the Playoff Trophy

TVSL 2015 Juniors has finished.

EWOK (Yellow) win both the League and the Playoffs

TVSL is a non-hitting ice hockey tournament run from Bracknell ice rink.
It is "Rec" (recreational) ice hockey and caters for players of varying standards.
Everyone enters as an individual and the league allocates them to teams. Its a chance to meet new players, make new friends and play hockey with a new outlook.
It takes place over a couple of weekends in May and all of June and July up until the end of the school term.
There are two leagues - Seniors and Juniors - Seniors must be aged 16 by 1st May 2015


Format for 2015

Seniors - 160
Players must be 16 or over to play
Teams of 13 players + NM
Uniform included.
5 Home, 5 Away, 2 or 3 Playoffs (Total 12 or 13 games)

Information here.

Juniors 140
For those born 2002 through 2006 (Typically 2014/15 U10 through U14 1st year)
Teams of 10 + Goalie
Full Ice Games
Uniform included

Information here.

Players and parents are reminded that they agree to the following

"I understand and accept that the neither the Thames Valley Summer League nor its organisers will take any responsibility or liability for any injury, loss or damage incurred as a result of events happening within the competition."

2014 - Final Results for Seniors -> Netherlands (Orange) Playoff winners

Mexico v Belgium Argentina v Brazil Netherlands v Spain

2014 - Final Results for Juniors -> Australia (Yellow) Winners

Seniors -> Netherlands win 2014 League title

Junior and Senior Leagues - Photographs by Kevin Slyfield available here