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As mentioned on the Information pages, we use volunteer on-ice officials.

Tony Lack (None)

Connor Wilson (A)

Alex Reyland (B) Flynn Sitch-Cunningham (G)
Nat Casey (C) Pete Litwin (D)
Mark Harrison (None) Stuart Holland (G)







Ref Line Line AV

Not avail

13th May 15:15 Seniors A   C Tony Flynn Alex    
  17:00 Seniors B   D Flynn Nat Connor    
  18:45 Seniors E   G Alex Nat Connor    









14th May 15:15 Seniors D   E Flynn Connor Tony    
  17:00 Seniors C   B Tony Pete Connor    
  18:45 Seniors F   H Alex Flynn Pete    









20th May 15:20 Juniors A   B Tony Flynn Alex    
  16:10 Juniors C   D Alex Stuart Mark    
  17:15 Seniors H   G Nat Mark      
  18:55 Seniors F   C Flynn Mark Stuart    









21st May 15:20 Juniors B   C         Tony
16:10 Juniors D A
  17:15 Seniors A   D          
  18:55 Seniors E   B          









27th May 15:15 Seniors H BLIZZARDS A          
  17:00 Seniors B AWAY G          
  18:45 Seniors F TODAY E          









28th May 15:15 Seniors C   H          
  17:00 Seniors A   G          
  18:45 Seniors D   F          









3rd June 15:15 Seniors F   D          
  17:00 Seniors E   C          
  18:45 Seniors A   H          









4th June 15:20 Juniors C   A          
  16:10 Juniors D   B          
  17:15 Seniors B   H          
  18:55 Seniors G   A          









10th June 15:20 Juniors D   C          
  16:10 Juniors B   A          
  17:15 Seniors H   F          
  18:55 Seniors D   B          









11th June 15:20 Juniors A   D         Tony
  16:10 Juniors C   B          
  17:15 Seniors A   E          
  18:55 Seniors C   G          









17th June 15:15 Seniors B   F          
  17:00 Seniors C   E          
  18:45 Seniors G   D          









18th June 15:20 Juniors B   D          
  16:10 Juniors A   C          
  17:15 Seniors H   E          
  18:55 Seniors A   F          









24th June 15:20 Juniors A   B          
  16:10 Juniors C   D          
  17:15 Seniors E   D          
  18:55 Seniors C   A          









25th June 15:20 Juniors B   C         Tony
  16:10 Juniors D   A          
  17:15 Seniors F   G          
  18:55 Seniors H   B          









1st July 15:20 Juniors C   A         Tony
  16:10 Juniors D   B          
  17:15 Seniors B   A          
  18:55 Seniors H   D          









2nd July 15:15 Seniors F   B          
  17:00 Seniors G   E          
  18:45 Seniors D   C          









8th July 15:15 Seniors G   B          
  17:00 Seniors C   F          
  18:45 Seniors E   H          









9th July 15:20 Juniors 3rd P/O 1st         Tony
  16:10 Juniors 4th P/O 2nd          
  17:15 Seniors D   A          
  18:55 Seniors G   C          









15th July 15:20 Juniors 2nd P/O 3rd         Tony
  16:10 Juniors 4th P/O 1st          
  17:15 Seniors E   A          
  18:55 Seniors B   C          









16th July 15:20 Juniors 3rd in P/O   4th in P/O          
  16:10 Juniors 1st in P/O Final 2nd in P/O          
  17:00 Seniors G   F          
  18:45 Seniors D   H          









22nd July 15:15 Seniors 5 P1 8          
  17:00 Seniors 2 P2 3          
  18:45 Seniors 1 P3 4          









23rd July 15:15 Seniors 6 P4 7          
  17:00 Seniors L P3 3/4 L P2          
  18:45 3 * 20 Stopping W P3 Final W P2